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Terms & Conditions

STAR BOOKERS LTD Terms of Business (for Clients/Promoters)

. "The Agent" means Star Bookers Ltd who is the negotiator of the booking, "Client/Promoter" means any person, firm or company who purchases the entertainment services of an Artiste. The "Artiste"means any individual, group or company who supply or perform entertainment services.

Star Bookers Ltd works primarily as an Employment Agency but may also act as an Employment Business at its sole discretion. The way in which Star Bookers Ltd is acting for each booking will be made clear to all concerned parties prior to the completion of negotiations, and will be clearly shown in the documentation issued.

2. Any contract negotiated through the Agent shall be subject to these Terms of Business unless otherwise agreed in writing between all concerned parties. In particular, any conflicting Terms of Business shall have no effect. All contracts to which these conditions apply shall be construed in accordance with English Law. The Client/Promoter agrees that their verbal, electronic or written confirmation of this booking will confirm their acceptance of these Terms of Business.

3. When acting as an Employment Agency:

(a) Star Bookers Ltd acts as negotiator only and is not a party to the contract. For this reason we cannot accept responsibility for non-fulfilment or breach of any such contract, but every reasonable safeguard is assured. Wherever possible in such cases, we will replace the act or engagement or Artiste with one of similar price and quality.

(b) Star Bookers Ltd charges a fee equivalent to an agreed percentage of the contracted fee receivable by the Artiste, and will also collect any applicable tax (for example VAT) which is due under English Law.

(c) Cancellation of contracts negotiated through Star Bookers Ltd is not normally possible without the agreement of all concerned parties. In the event of cancellation by either party without cause of illness or other unavoidable circumstances, we reserve the right to levy a charge of up to 20% against the cancelling party to cover the additional expenses involved in the said cancellation. This is in addition to any amounts that may be payable by either party under the terms of the said contract.

4. When acting as an Employment Business Star Bookers Ltd is a party to each contract and accepts
responsibility for its obligations under the terms of each individual agreement. No charge other than the contracted fee is made.

5. Unless otherwise stated on the booking contract, payment for each contract shall be either:

(a) Full payment on return of the signed contract within 7 days of the issue date of the contract.


(b) A non-refundable booking deposit to be paid to Star Bookers Ltd within 7 days of the issue date of the contract. The balance being payable a minimum of 31 days prior to the contractual performance date. Failure to make payment of the non-refundable booking deposit on or by the due date shall render the whole sum outstanding immediately due and payable.
If payment is not received within the prescribed time Star Bookers Ltd will be at liberty to make a surcharge of interest of 6% above Barclays Bank lending rate, and to add such additional charge every seventh day thereafter, until payment is made. We reserve the right to pass any debt to a third party for collection. If a debt is passed to a third party for collection you will be liable for all of the third parties costs, fees & surcharges, in addition to the debt.

6. All contracts are binding and do not provide for cancellation.

7. In order to ensure that there are no non-appearances or let downs, all verbal agreements are confirmed by the signing of a written contract. In the event of very short notice bookings, the written contract may be sent after the event for your records.

8. No servant or Agent of Star Bookers Ltd has the power to vary these terms and conditions.

9. The Client/Promoter agrees to negotiate all future bookings for the Artiste with Star Bookers Ltd and not with the Artiste directly for the period covering the issue date of the contract until 18 months after the performance date of the contract. Failure to adhere to this will result in the client being invoiced accordingly.

10. Disputes – any disputes arising from the contract may be submitted to the Council of the Agents
Association of Great Britain or local branch for arbitration. This does not preclude the right of either party the right to take legal proceedings.

11. Whenever the context so admits, words importing the masculine shall include the feminine and the singular number shall include the plural and vice versa as appropriate.

May 2011

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