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Lookalikes come in all forms from your favourite film star to the most popular sports celebrity! The more famous they are - the more lookalikes there are out there. We also specialise in Interactive Lookalike/Soundalikes who take on the persona & character of the celebrity (usually comically) ie Ali Gee, Del Boy, Basil Fawlty etc. Please look at the list of Styles to the right.

If the lookalike you are searching for is not listed, please contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you. Due to the launch of the new website this section is being updated constantly.

NB: Fees are not shown for Lookalikes due to the diverse range of appearances they are requested for. Please provide appearance details for an accurate quote.

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DAVID BECKHAM (Paul Mansley)
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BORAT (Dean Taylor)
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