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The floor is made up of 58 panels that can be configured into a matrix of 8x7 panels (or 9x6 etc) each floor tile is 600x600mm square.

The floor area is therefore 4.8 meters x 4.2 meters.

Health and safety issues;

The floor area is WITHOUT main voltage.

The floor deck is 100mm off of the supporting floor, to alleviate any trip or fall hazard a ‘bull nose’ frame has been added around to peripheral edge of the floor. There is also backlighting inside of this frame that will illuminate the first step up onto the floor.

The floor is controlled via DMX / laptop which enables us to colour all of the floor, red or blue or any other colour through an RGB colour mix, it is also capable of pattern changes so that any tile either independently or in sequence can change to the patterns pre-determined by the program.

We could also strobe effect the whole floor in white or colour.

We could scroll the company name across the panels, count down to midnight (9,8,7,6,5 etc) where individual panels form the basis of the letters or numbers.

The floor is built by AVR who manufacture to industry standards normally installing the equipment into permanent night club installations. This floor the first one of its’ kind in the UK, and we have been working closely with the manufacturer, to enable its use as a mobile touring dance floor.