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BARELY CONNOLLY (Billy Connolly Tribute)

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Barely Connolly
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Bob has been doing the old Billy Connolly tribute act for several years now as stand up.

- After dinner speaking in the style of Billy can enliven your firm's party as light relief and a precede to the bopping and boozing and secret groping that you've been fantasising about for months!

-Product launches can be much enhanced by an injection of humour at Exhibitions and sales points, these, when undertaken starkers, will Guarantee sales increases as customers are desperate to look away and have something else to concentrate on and what better than buying something so they don't look like they are pervy voyeurs! It should be noted that of necessity these must take place indoors to prevent frostbite of the willy!

- Your much hated bosses' demise can be celebrated at an alternative funeral which can be lightened considerably by a few hundred sarky unkind and uncalled for comments mixed with much boozing by the staff concerned!

-Weddings can be more of a laugh when the groom is given away by a young and sexy Billy Connolly, or even an old and wrinkly one!

- Your rock and roll or disco event compared in the incomparable Billyist attitude with a stand up routine in the interval will be tickled to bits and others will find you to be irresistibly sexy as a result of this wise decision!

- Quiz nights are much more of a laugh with me at the microphone and can apply to professional quizzes too such as those appertaining to firms, health professionals and the like using the quiz as an educational tool!

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Available as a tribute and meet and greet appearances at parties, shows, weddings, funerals (this works best when the deceased was universally loathed by all the mourners)